Testing CSS computed styles with Capybara

This week I found myself with the rather strange task of testing that styles had been correctly applied to the DOM. There was a good reason for it, honest.

Sadly with otherwise excellent Capybara, Poltergeist, and PhantomJS computed styles are not the most readily avalible information, so I wound up using a little Javascript to get what we need.

var el     = document.querySelector('.my-ele'),
    styles = window.getComputedStyle(el);
// => "rgb(243, 75, 125)"

As you can see, with window.getcomputedstyle we can (gasp) get the computed styles for a given element. Property names on the object are the same as in CSS, though camelCase rather than lisp-case.

In Capybara tests we can run arbitrary Javascript with a Javascript capable driver (such as PhantomJS) and the method page.evaluate_script. My tests wound up looking something like this.

def computed_style(selector, prop)

describe 'Users page' do
  it 'should have the correct title colour' do
    style = computed_style '.title', 'color'
    expect(style).to eq 'rgb(243, 75, 125)'

Yup. Weird, isn’t it?