Hi, I'm Louis.
I make all manner of software things and I created the Gleam programming language.
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It's less Shakespeare and more programing conference these days.


  1. 2024

    1. Angela Y. Davis
      An Autobiography
      By Angela Y. Davis
    2. The Sands of Mars
      By Arthur C. Clarke
    3. Chorus of Mushrooms
      A Novel
      By Hiromi Goto
    4. What’s the Matter with Mary Jane?
      An Epitome Apartments Mystery
      By Candas Jane Dorsey
  2. 2023

    1. Feminism Is for Everybody
      Passionate Politics
      By bell hooks
    2. Butts
      A Backstory
      By Heather Radke
    3. What Remains?
      Life, Death, and the Human Art of Undertaking
      By Rupert Callender
    4. Ansible for DevOps
      Server and configuration management for humans
      By Jeff Geerling
    5. Renewable Energy
      A Very Short Introduction
      By Nick Jelley
    6. The Picts
      The History of the People Who Inhabited Scotland in Antiquity and the Middle Ages
      By Charles River Editors
    7. The Irish Assassins
      Conspiracy, Revenge, and the Phoenix Park Murders That Stunned Victorian England
      By Julie Kavanagh
    8. A Lot of People Are Saying
      The New Conspiracism and the Assault on Democracy
      By Nancy L. Rosenblum, Russell Muirhead
    9. Ain't I a Woman
      Black Women and Feminism
      By bell hooks
    10. The Feckin' Book of Irish History
      for anyone who hasn't been paying attention for the last 30,000 years
      By Donal O'Dea, Colin Murphy
  3. 2022

    1. The Art of WebAssembly
      By Rick Battagline
    2. Capitalism Realism
      Is there no alternative?
      By Mark Fisher
    3. Poverty: A Very Short Introduction
      By Philip N. Jefferson
    4. You're Cute When You're Mad
      Simple Steps for Confronting Sexism
      By Celeste Headlee
    5. Unauthorized Bread
      A Radicalized Novella
      By Cory Doctorow
    6. Dear Ijeawele, Or A Feminist Manifesto In Fifteen Suggestions
      By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
    7. The End of Policing
      By Alex S. Vitale
    8. The Will to Change
      Men, Masculinity, and Love
      By bell hooks
    9. If They Come in the Morning
      Voices of Resistance
      By Angela Davis
    10. From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation
      By Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
    11. Gender Trouble
      Feminism and the Subversion of Identity
      By Judith Butler
    12. Abolitionism: A Very Short Introduction
      By Richard S. Newman
    13. This Will Be My Undoing
      Living at the Intersection of Black, Female, and Feminist in (White) America
      By Morgan Jerkins
    14. We Should All Be Feminists
      By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
    15. How We Get Free
      Black Feminism and the Combahee River Collective
      By Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
    16. SQL Performance Explained
      By Markus Winand
    17. Are Prisons Obsolete?
      By Angela Y. Davis
    18. Requiem for the American Dream
      The Principles of Concentrated Wealth and Power
      By Noam Chomsky
    19. Facism: A Very Short Introduction
      By Kevin Passmore
    20. Freedom Is a Constant Struggle
      Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement
      By Angela Y. Davis
    21. A New Ireland
      How Europe's Most Conservative Country Became Its Most Liberal
      By Niall O'Dowd
  4. 2021

    1. A Deadly Dividend
      A gripping murder mystery set in Dublin
      By David Pearson
    2. How to Drink
      A Classical Guide to the Art of Imbibing
      By Vincent Obsopoeus
    3. Populism: A Very Short Introduction
      By Cas Muddle, Cristóbal Rovira
    4. Why Marx Was Right
      By Terry Eagleton
    5. The Communist Manifesto
      By Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx
    6. Neoliberalism: A Very Short Introduction
      By Manfred B. Steger, Ravi K. Roy
    7. Northern Ireland: A Very Short Introduction
      By Marc Mulholland
    8. The Man In The High Castle
      By Philip K. Dick
    9. SQL Antipatterns
      By Bill Karwin
    10. Domain Modeling Made Functional
      By Scott Wlaschin
    11. The Speculative Book 2021
      By Stuart Kenny, Phoebe Demeger, Kevin P Gilday, Rachel Morrell, Joe Timms, Beth Cochrane, Sophie McNaughton, Iona Lee, Nicks Walker, Giovanna MacKenna, Mandy Haggith, Amy B. Moreno, Martin Breul, Catherine Wilson, Emily Oulton, Sofia Ballesteros, Bethan Hamblett, Martha Nye, Rachael Llewellyn, Andrés N Ordorica, Fiamma Curti
    12. SQL Antipatterns
      By Bill Karwin
    13. Domain Modeling Made Functional
      By Scott Wlaschin
  5. 2020

    1. Compiling to Assembly From Scratch
      By Vladimir Keleshev
    2. Grokking Algorithms
      By Aditya Bhargava
    3. Learning HTTP/2
      By Javier Garza, Stephen Ludin
    4. The Art of PostgreSQL
      By Dimitri Fountaine
    5. The Rust Programming Language
      By Carol Nichols, Steve Klabnik
  6. 2019

    1. The A-Z of Gender and Sexuality
      By Morgan Lev Edward Holleb